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Tax Services

Pacific Northwest Tax Services

Our attorneys have advanced training in taxation. Unlike most tax attorneys, however, our tax attorneys also prepare income taxes. Why? Because all tax issues boil down to the tax return. By preparing tax returns, our tax attorneys have an in-depth understanding of the real life, day-to-day issues that confront their clients and affect their clients’ pocketbooks.

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Our tax services include:

Tax Planning and Preparation Service for Small Business

While we prepare income taxes, we’re not in the income tax preparation business. Income tax preparation is just one piece of the
Tax Preparation and Planning Service we offer for small businesses. The service is much more comprehensive including quarterly meetings for planning and strategy to assure that you and your business pay no more in tax than you’re obligated to. Contact our team for a more detailed description of our Tax Planning and Preparation Service for Small Business.

Tax Planning and Preparation for Individuals

For individuals who do not own businesses, we offer a less robust tax planning and preparation program which involves fewer meetings.

Other Tax Preparation

In addition to tax services for business and individuals, we also provide tax services to non-profit organizations and trusts and estates including federal and state estate and gift tax returns.

General Tax Strategy and Planning

General tax planning and strategy for business and real estate transactions, estates and income tax events.

Representation Before Tax Authorities

Aggressive representation in audits, collection matters, and other tax disputes before the IRS and the Washington State Department of Revenue.

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