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Brown & Sterling

Brown and Sterling is dedicated to helping small to mid-sized business owners and entrepreneurs of the Pacific Northwest. With a heavy emphasis on tax strategy and planning, we’ve been advising businesses from formation through owner exits for more than twenty years. With a team of seasoned attorneys and accountants with expertise in taxation, business, estate planning and real estate, our firm is uniquely situated to walk business owners through all stages of business life and to help them achieve maximum profitability at the lowest tax cost.


Why didn’t they tell me?

It’s a question we here from new clients regularly. Why didn’t my former tax professional tell me about the tax saving strategies I’m learning here? We’d like to say that we know more than everyone else, but the truth is that we just take time with our clients. Most people speak with their tax professional once a year – right before tax time. Expecting a tax professional to give in-depth tax advice at that time is kind of like expecting a fireman to help you design a fire safety plan while he’s fighting a fire. It’s not realistic.

That’s why we ask our tax clients to meet with us several times a year for planning and strategy. And that’s why we call ourselves “Tax Strategists” rather than tax preparers. We believe that your taxes in April shouldn’t come as a surprise, and we assure that by meeting regularly. Whether it’s in tax preparation, business transactions or estate planning, we believe in being pro-active rather than reactive, planning rather than defending – all with the objective of bringing peace and order into our client’s lives.

Over the past several years, Brown & Sterling has become an indispensable part of our business. We would not make a major corporate decision without first consulting them. They are extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of business and a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need of sound legal, financial, or general business advice.

P.B., Business Owner
Seattle, WA


All About Small Businesses and Their Owners

Our firm has chosen to focus its services on small businesses and their owners. Small business owners have different needs than others. We know that no one guarantees you a pay check, a vacation or benefits. We know that your business is an integral part of your life – that it affects you and your family deeply. With advanced training in Taxation we can help you plan your business and personal affairs to reduce your present and future tax liability. Our Business attorneys can help you navigate the day to day operations of your business to limit risks and maximize services. And our Estate Planning team is equipped to provide you with the top-notch planning your family may need to assure their security in the future. We provide these services all with the understanding that when we’re advising a small business, our advice affects the owner, and that what happens in the owner’s personal life can affect the business.

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