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The Exit Planning Process

Brown & Sterling provides a structured approach to Exit Planning services to ensure we guide each client to an optimum set of recommendations and services to achieve their goals. Review our process below and get started by contacting us.



In any proven process gathering the pertinent information and relevant data in order to best determine your starting point is crucial.  That information is invaluable because not only does it inform us about your goals, it helps you begin to understand where you ultimately want to go.  With that in mind, we have our clients fill out our Exit Planning Questionnaire, which we will then analyze to determine how to provide you with the best service.

Once the Exit Planning Questionnaire has been analyzed, our Client Service Manager will send you an email with your results within 24-48 hours.


After you receive your results our Client Service Manager will follow up the email and contact you via telephone to set up a free initial consultation; at that time our CSM will gather additional information we may need related to you and your business to make our first discussion as productive as possible.

You’ll meet with one of our Exit Planners for a free consultation where we will go into more detail about your results and potential exit plan strategies.  At the end of this meeting, our team will use our proprietary software to analyze some of the data gathered to provide a comprehensive engagement letter and outline an initial plan, each tailored specifically to you.


Now that you have engaged Brown & Sterling to prepare your Exit Plan, our team, comprised of an experienced Exit Planner, Exit Planner Associate, Exit Planning Financial Manager, and Exit Planning Client Service Manager, will further analyze and compile all the relevant information, data, and documentation we have gathered from you as well as determining if more information is needed.  We will partner with you to prepare an Exit Plan unique to your business and your needs that will be our roadmap as you move forward.


Upon completion of the Exit Plan, our team, as well as partnerships we have with other professionals, will assist you and your business with the implementation process and eventually with the sale or transfer of your business.  We will be with you every step of the way, always with the goal of making your exit a success.

Please note: This process can take anywhere from several months to many years, depending on your timeline, the complexity of the potential transfer, and your individual needs. If circumstances change over time we will be able to help you adjust to any changes to keep your exit plan on track for success.

Sometimes you get an opportunity to work with a professional support team that becomes a part of your family and is a secret sauce ingredient that enables your company to grow, adapt, and prosper. Brown & Sterling is small by comparison to some, yet their expertise in company organization, contracts, real estate law, and selling a business stands toe to toe with the best, plus there is the added bonus of working with a team of individuals who are committed to your growth and success.

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