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Buying & Selling a Business

Buying Or Selling A Business In Washington

Are you thinking about buying or selling a business? Maybe you’ve already made your decision and your planning is becoming more specific. Perhaps you’ve started the transaction or have received an offer from a prospective buyer.  No matter what stage your transaction is in, it’s important that you have experienced legal counsel which can be the difference between the deal of your dreams and a deal you’ll dread.  

Business purchases and sales are exciting, but even simple transactions are fraught with pitfalls.  Its not uncommon for unwary buyers or sellers to find themselves responsible for liabilities or obligations they hadn’t contemplated, or for the parties to end up in litigation because of circumstances that were overlooked in their purchase and sale or closing documents.  Taxes are another issue that often gets over-looked.  More often than not, buyers and sellers have competing interests when it comes to how a transaction should be structured for tax purposes, and yet parties often neglect to address them.  Brown & Sterling has the experience and knowledge to guide you through the complexities of a business acquisition, sale or merger.  We can help you will all aspects of your transaction including:

  • Planning, strategy and timing of the transaction
  • Tax and finance planning
  • Assistance with due diligence
  • Document preparation (Letters of Intent, Purchase and Sale Agreements, Closing Documents, etc)
  • Representation and negotiation throughout the transaction
  • Acting as the “Closing Agent” for transactions

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